The Benefits of Used 4x4 Vehicles

Are you looking for a new car and wondering if you should opt for a used 4x4? Often associated with winter stability, all-wheel-drive cars have several advantages, especially when it comes to used cars.

Find out how all-wheel drive works, the versatility it gives your vehicle, and take advantage of many great choices at great prices.


All-wheel drive, AWD, four-wheel drive... These different terms all refer to a common concept: the engine sends power to all four wheels of the vehicle, as opposed to traction (to the two front wheels) or propulsion (to the two rear wheels).

This type of drive is said to offer greater strength, and with good reason: when one wheel loses traction, the other three compensate! That's why all-wheel drive is ideal for driving on surfaces where traction is not optimal.


This is often the first argument mentioned by those looking for an SUV: it rolls with ease on snow or ice and straddles snowbanks without difficulty. That's why the SUV is so popular on the market!

What's more, the all-wheel drive system shows more versatility on all types of terrain, including roads that are:

- Icy




For the harsh Quebec winters, the 4x4 is an advantageous option. It is also a must for travellers who like to go to rural or remote areas; in short, to get off the beaten track. For outdoor enthusiasts, the versatility of the 4x4 is a godsend.


When we think of all-wheel drive, we often think of SUVs, which have been associated with the idea of solidity on wheels. It's true that you'll find plenty of SUVs in stock featuring all-wheel drive, including the best reliable used SUVs.

However, sedans and compact cars have had to reinvent themselves in recent years to keep up with the fierce competition that SUVs offer. If you want the strength of all-wheel drive, but prefer the low profile and economy of a sedan, you'll have no shortage of choices!

Here are some examples of compact SUV models:

- The Subaru Impreza

- The Subaru WRX

- Mercedes A/CLA Class

- The BMW 4 Series

- Mazda3

- The Infiniti Q50

- And many others!

Likewise, those who need a rugged truck to get the job done or for their outdoor activities will find plenty of 4x4 models like the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, the Ram 1500, the GMC Sierra and the Ford F-150.

Good news: you'll find all these models in stock at your local dealer!


If you've ever shopped for a new vehicle, you've probably noticed that all-wheel drive can add considerably to the price of a model. In fact, when the car is new, this type of option is particularly expensive!

Fortunately, used vehicles have the advantage of amortizing the price of expensive options, such as all-wheel drive. At, you'll find several models with four-wheel drive at reasonable prices.

The other issue is fuel economy. It goes without saying that a model with four-wheel drive will require more energy than a model with two-wheel drive. This inevitably means a little more fuel consumption.

However, not all systems are the same, and they are becoming increasingly intelligent. As Sylvain Raymond, a journalist for the Auto Guide, points out: "Some systems prioritize fuel economy by favouring front wheels in normal conditions, others the rear axle for more dynamic driving."

As a result, today's systems are becoming smarter and smarter and optimize your fuel consumption. Don't let money issues convince you to give up the 4x4 if that's what you need.

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Posted in on Feb 24, 2022